We act for justice therefore we are.
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The Social Action Caucus at Union Theological Seminary

The Social Action Caucus emerged on the UTS campus circa 2000 through the leadership and prophecy of Kristin Sundell ('02).

The SAC is not an activist groups, rather is it an umbrella organization for the activist voices within the seminary. As such no one can or can claim to represent the Social Action Caucus, and any postings on the website do not necessarily refect the entirity of its constituents.

Rather, the SAC has emerged as a place in which meeting, brainstorming, rallying, and community building of faith-based activism occurs. The projects represented on site, and all our engagements in general represents, then, the collective growth and communal action occuring out of this locus.

We hope that the SAC can continue to be a mechanism by which our students and others are lead to do great works of justice in our local, national and world communities through the knowledge and faith of our members.

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