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The GOPs are coming! Check out what Social Action has cooking...


Seminarians For Change

New York, July 2004 - As people of faith we are children of God and our allegiance is first to the kingdom of God. This core principle of faith and unity is why seminarians from across New York - including Union Theological Seminary, General Theological Seminary, Jewish Theological Seminary and New York Theological Seminary - are gathering in a spirit of worship, meditation and prayer on Sunday, August 29th, during the Republican National Convention. Concerned people of all faiths and political persuasions will be gathering together with one unifying premise: government is a moral issue. The 2004 elections will define our lives, spirituality and communities in ways more urgent and complex than a simple map of red and blue states ever could.

As future religious leaders, we believe the role of religion in society is that of provider and healer, to be a voice of conscience that demands accountability, reconciliation and justice. We believe all people of faith should be involved in the political process, especially to exercise their right to vote, and that the role of clergy is to provide education on the issues and promote an affirming and uplifting role for religion in public life. Our God is a God of justice who believes in the dignity, integrity and value of each human being.

That is why we are gathering on Sunday, August 29th to pray for change for the future of our country in this election year. Record deficits, record job loss, more people under-employed and uninsured in America than ever before, unprecedented limitations on our civil liberties, under-funding of education, unstable alliances with our allies and the threat of terrorism increased by the ever-unwelcome presence of our military in Iraq - these things suggest that no one is currently free to fulfill their potential as children of God created equally in God’s image. We need strong, moral leadership. Islam, Judaism and Christianity all admonish us to take care of the poor, the outcast. Join us in worship On Sunday, August 29th and pray with us that our faith might lead us to elect and guide our leaders to do God’ will in these times.

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Other Protest Events During Convention Week

Friday August 20th

Life After Capitalism Conference A full weekend of visionary dialogue that extends well beyond the critiques of the current administration.

Tuesday August 24th

FEVA & Hightimes Presents: Republican Convention Protest party kickoff (and end party for the HOWL festival) at Webster Hall.

Thursday August 26th

Democracy Uprising! The DNC2RNC Caravan will arrive in New York City.

Friday August 27th

Immigrant Workers Day of Action and Speak Out AND Critical Mass Radical bikers reclaim the streets

Saturday August 28th

Time's Up Presents: Bike National Convention (BNC)--a day for workshops, tune-ups, and fun designed to bring together bike activists from all over the country.

Sunday August 29th

UFPJ To host a massive march through Manhattan (these are same folks that brought us the The World Still Says No to War and wants the park).

Monday August 30th

Still We Rise calls for a Poor Peoples March start ing at Union Square ending at Times Square.

Kensington Welfare Rights Union presents a March for Our Lives. Starting at the United Nations, finishing at Madison Square Garden.

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network will rally against the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Tuesday August 31th

A day of Direct Action Outside the Police Pens. One Million Yesses and One NO!

Also, noRNC Youth call for a Youth Day of Action.

Wednesday September 1st

New York City Labor Council to host massive Union Rally and March.

Bruce Springsteen Concert (check out www.draftbruce.com).

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National Council of Churches Let Justice Roll Event

Information can be found at www.ncccusa.org/letjusticeroll/index.htm

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For information on Social Action's participation in any of these events, please contact Elsa Peters at ep2148@columbia.edu

Seminarians for Change
GOP Protest Events
NCC Let Justice Roll